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  The Pigeoncote cares for lost and injured pigeon, and is a non culling pigeon refuge, located in Olympia, WA USA. We have been in continuous service since 1993.  

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Behavioral Effects of Electrical Stimulation in the Forebrain of the Pigeon; Bengt Akerman
cover Originally published in 1965, in Behaviour, this rather specific work done at the University of Stockholm was reprinted in 1966. It is absolutely a purely academic work, that any pigeon breeder will fully understand and appreciate. After all, we know about bowing, preening, aggression and ah yes, love.
$16 excellent condition with the exception of the owners name on cover.#1
Experiments in Psychology; Donald Blough & Patricia McBride Blough
Click for larger image Excellent, near mint, for its age. A book detailing many experiments about how animals behave, including several sections on pigeons and how they learn and understand. Paperback published in 1964 of 160 pages.
$18 8oz
Neural Mechanisims of Behavior in the Pigeon: Edited my A.M. Granda and J.H. Maxwell
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Book cover, click for larger image in new window. This very good hardback would be rated as excellent except for the previous owner's name written on the front end papers. The jacket is only good however with some damage as can be easily seen on the larger scan. The front of the hardback has a picture of a pigeon pressed into the cover. An interesting feature that can be more clearly seen in the larger scan. The authors have compiled works of nearly 30 authors in this rather monumental work published in 1979. Two copies are available, but only one has the jacket.
$30 27oz
From Pigeons to People; Elizabeth Hall
So you thought pigeons were dumb?  Elizabeth Hall, author of the highly successful Why We Do What We Do, has written a lucid, lively introduction to the subject of behavior modification. Taking a balanced approach to a controversial area of psychology, she explains its history, development, and application.  She covers how pigeons were taught to identify imperfect pill better than people, and through the book we learn just how much we learned about us from pigeons and other animals. She covers the beginning with B. F. Skinner's now famous experiments with pigeons, she shows how pigeons were trained by instant reward, or positive reinforcement, to guide missiles before the invention of radar. She tells of dozens of fascinating experiments where the principles of behavior modification have been used to effect a variety of changes from curing pets of their bad habits to helping children get better reactions from their teachers. She even shows how individuals can apply these principles to themselves, thus getting rid of their own bad habits - such as smoking or overeating -or developing good ones-such as learning how to concentrate or to study.  I can't verify this personally because there are no bad habits I wish to rid myself of.
From Pigeons to People displays the same clarity of thinking, readability, and accuracy that caused Why We Do What We Do to receive an Honorable Mention in the book' category of the 1974 National Media Awards of The American Psychological Foundation. 1974 National Media Awards of the American Psychological Foundation, Honorable Mention. "A straightforward, holding introduction to areas studied in modern psychology." Booklist "A very good overview of psychological processes and animal behavior clarified by descriptions of experimental research . . . includes chapters on motivation, emotions, learning, memory, thinking, and personality."

"Lively, lucid, and learnable." Journal of Biological Psychology.

$16 1975 Very good hardback, with very good jacket. Former owner's stamp on FEP makes it very good rather than excellent.. 15oz
$10 1975 Very good hardback, no dust jacket. 15oz
Falcon's Dictionary of Ornithology; W.F. Hollander
Click to see larger image of book cover

The title may say it all, but one wonders why Hollander placed Falcon in the title. It really is a dictionary of all things bird. Of course, done in particular Hollander style and humor. Published in 1977

$ 6 Mint paperback
A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health: Dr. David Marx DVM
A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health, Click to enlage. Marx Biography David applies very hands on practical approach to keeping pigeons healthy first and deals directly with the issues, symptoms, practices and medications that are helpful in alleviating any issues that arise, including some that are not considered as medical issues in some texts such as fertility. While one would assume that a book of 212 pages dealing with pigeon health would have to have a fair amount of fluff, one would be wrong. It is comprehensive. An example of the thoroughness is the chapter on injuries that explains when to use glues rather than stitches. While this and many other chapters could be used by any bird fancier, A Veterinary Approach to Pigeon Health, is targeted directly at pigeons, and scores a bull's eye.
$90 Mint hardback no cover 1st edition 1997
$75 Excellent hardback, but the corners are bumped, no cover 1st edition 1997 1#0
Color Breeding in Pigeon Plumage: Dr. J. Metzelaar
Book cover, click for larger image Very scarce original copy. This pioneering work that set the stage for future work in pigeon genetics. 1926 55 pages. What makes this an only reading copy is the condition of the paper covers as shown in the larger front cover scan and the back scan. The interior pages are in excellent condition.
$80 reading copy 3oz
$10 mint reprint but all black and white
$15 mint reprint with two color images as in original.
Intensive Line Breeding: M.H. "Dad" Paget
Book cover, click for larger image Line breeding is and has been used by those in the know to establish a breed or strain in domestic animals of all types. Dad Paget as he was known was one of the experts in his field and describes how to use this breeding method to set the qualities you desire for you strain.. This pamphlet was originally published in 1949. This is a mint reprint of that printing.
$12 Mint reprint copy
Endocrines and Constitution in Doves and Pigeons: Oscar Riddle
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Book cover, click for larger image in new window. When reading this most thorough work by Oscar Riddle, you understand why Levi asked him to write the introduction to him famous work The Pigeon. While the work was published in 1947 it covers many years of study and scientific discovery. Riddle's work should be read by everyone who has an interest in pigeons and doves and has an inquisitive mind.

Both copies are in very good to excellent condition. The softcover copy does have Dr. Herbert M. Evans' stamp on the title page as can be seen on the enlarged scan.

$45 Softcover #3
$ 95 Hard cover #3
Animal Orientation and Navigation: Robert Storm Editor
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. The proceedings of the twenty-seventh annual biology colloquium of 1966 was published in 1997 by Oregon State University Press. While not directly dealing with pigeons, it certainly covers a topic anyone familiar with homing ability will find interesting. Nice little hardback publication covering the subject in134 pages. The covers are very good, but the interior is showing its age and there are some old marking on the front end papers..
$21 15oz
Diseases of Pigeons: Various Authorities
While the Diseases of Pigeons is attributed the various authors, it is mainly drawn from J.W. Dietz's work dating back to 1919. This booklet was originally published by Chas Siegel & Son, a popular pigeon supply house, in 1951 with the numerous changes that such a span of time would dictate in the field of medicine and disease. This issue, an again updated version, was printed in in1961. I am not sure if further updates were ever provided.

After a brief introduction of the bird's physiology, it is very logically divided by the main type of diseases, including protozoan, bacterial, viral, fungi, parasites and more. This very rare manual is more for the understanding of the history of pigeon health in general than for today's application. While many of the treatments would with today's knowledge in the field not be apt, it does make one wonder what will be said of today's methods and practices a half century from now. Its very rarity places it on the list of the avid pigeon book collector.

$28 1961 Paper back in excellent condition 49pp.
Keep Your Pigeons Flying: Leon F. Whitney
Leon Whitney's Keep Your Pigeons Flying is one of the first English language books that deal almost exclusively with the health and maintenance of pigeons. While he is a veterinarian, it is written in plain English with many drawings, diagrams and photographs to assist in clarifying the issue at hand. The first issue was published in 1961 at a time when some of the first good drugs became available. Some of the drugs are still in use, while others such as DDT have been removed. It seems obvious now that the best avenue against disease is prevention, and here is one area the book still shines bright. Chapters include the body, food, drugs, diseases by bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, deficiency, parasites both internal and external, surgery, sanitation, enemies, and public health. This first edition hardback does have some water damage to the cover boards, as can be seen on the enlarged scan, which has caused some foxing to the covers, but the rest remains in very good condition.  An asset to any pigeon provider's library.
$24 1968 Very good paperback no jacket 252pp

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