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  The Pigeoncote cares for lost and injured pigeon, and is a non culling pigeon refuge, located in Olympia, WA USA. We have been in continuous service since 1993.  

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The Pigeon Lover: by George Abbe
Book Cover. Click for larger image No, you don't have to love pigeons to enjoy The Pigeon Lover. But if you care at all about animals, this very special book will move you deeply. While the story has all the elements of good fiction — suspense, good characterization, humor and tragedy — it is also the real story of a battle to stop a city council from poisoning the pigeon population. And it is the story of one man's love of animals, a man who tends to them, nurtures them, and defends them against the apathy and unnecessary cruelty of society. Anyone who has ever loved or felt compassion for an animal will be galvanized by this tender tribute to all the creatures in mankind's dominion.
$38 1981 softcover very good signed by author. 11
My Brother Bird: by Evelyn Ames
Book Cover. Click for larger image Any way you looked at it, there was something queer about the Bennetts having so many adventures with animals and birds. They never had to pick a pet . . . the pets picked them! There had been, among others, a raccoon, a parakeet, a ram, a weasel, and a robin who ate from eighty to ninety worms a day, all dug by the Bennetts! But awe, a pigeon that was another story.
Life had gone along smoothly enough until Smoky came. Smoky was a pigeon who came out of his (or her) shell right before their eyes, on a stone ledge outside of their apartment house win¬dow. He was abandoned and all but dead when they adopted him. Revived, he rapidly became the most exciting and demanding member of the family. His escapades kept the entire household on its toes. The Bennetts raised Smoky, while Smoky raised the roof!
This life story of a foundling pigeon can be laughed over or sighed over, depending on how seriously you take your friends in feathers.
$15 Very good hard cover, but does have a few library markings. 1954 11
Tanya the Turteldove: by Rebecca Anders
Book Cover. Click for larger image Tanya flies into Emily's life and Emily learns just what a dove needs and likes to make their life complete. While told as a story it is really a quick young person's manual on how to take care of your flying friends. A good ex-library hard cover with nice photographs and an educational tale.
$19 1977, Good hard cover 9
Emma's Search for Something: by Mary Anderson
Book Cover. Click for larger image Emma Pigeon had always been quite satisfied with her life. She loved her husband, Clarence, their two children, Willie and Maude, and her home atop the third lion
from the left on the downtown side of the building on Riverside Drive. But all that changed one spring day when Emma began to feel "peculiar." Her husband advised a change of scene, so Emma flew off to Central Park.
In the park Emma met an unusual assortment of birds who convinced her that travel and excitement were what she'd been missing. Even Emma's old friend, Freddie the Cat, had begun making his vacation plans. So Emma, who had always been a home body, took off for Greenwich Village with a vain, talkative blue jay.
As the outside world gradually opened to her, Emma found out how people and even other birds regarded pigeons. This discovery drove her to an increased use of her rare gift: she could read. And through that ability, she got herself into many startling, and sometimes very funny, situations. These finally led her to a new awareness of herself. And her travel through New York City made her a much more cosmopolitan pigeon than she had been before.
$32 Excellent hard cover with excellent dust cover. 1973 13
F*T*C Superstar: by Mary Anderson
Book Cover. Click for larger image Freddie The Cat had the blahs. His vacation was over, and he was back on Riverside Drive with his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Bitterman. But he longed to return to New Jersey, where he had watched actors perform in summer stock. The truth was that Freddie was stage struck. But whoever heard of an acting cat?
Fortunately, Freddie's old pal, Emma Pigeon, did not agree that cats could not be actors, so Emma, the most well-bred, well-read pigeon on the West Side, began teaching Freddie what he needed to know.
Could a scruffy cat become a shining star of show business? Emma's husband, Clarence, didn't think so. He thought the whole idea was crazy. Miss Lucy, the pampered Persian from the third floor never considered Freddie anything but a common alley cat. And Mrs. Bitterman thought her poor Fredsy-Wedsy was having a nervous breakdown.
Then finally, after long weeks of work, Emma announced that Freddie was ready. The two of them set out for the bright lights of Broadway, where nothing turned out as they had planned. Though Freddie did have a chance to learn that there are a lot of problems even for an alley cat superstar.
$17 Very good hard cover with excellent jacket, with the exception of library stamps and pocket. 1976. 14
Bertha and the Racing Pigeon; Pam Ayres
Click for larger image Bertha is not a racing pigeon, but one day a very, very tired racing pigeon, Fleet, comes to her barn. He is befriended by Bertha and her friends, but is soon captured and sent back "home". But Bertha and her friends to not give up on Fleet and rescue him to make a wonderful home there in the barn.
The Dove's Letter; Keith Baker
Click for larger image The dove's letter is a picture book both written and illustrated by Keith Baker. It is a story of a dove that finds a love letter and sets out to deliver it to whom she does not know. She approaches many people and as it turns out they are all tied to the letter in one way or another. And of course the dove finds the recipient and delivers the letter. The book itself is near mint.
Home in the Sky; Jeannie Baker
Click for larger image Jeannie Baker is both the author and illustrator of this pigeon book. It is the story of Light a homing pigeon who encounters city life and finds his home the best place to be. Copyright of 1984.
$18 Mint with near mint jacket.
$17 Mint but no jacket.
The Snow-white Pigeon; Blyton
Click for larger image This small hardback actually has several short stories intended for children. The severn short stories were probably intended for bedtime reading. All of the stories involve animals of one sort of another, including the cover story of a snow-white pigeon.
Aloft; Stephen J. Bodio
Click for larger image Aloft his Stephen's account and record of just what it means and entails to share your life with a passion for performing tumblers and homers. It travels through his early days in Boston with the rooftop lofts to his life New Mexico. Published in 1990, yet this copy is mint, including the jacket. Quite a find.
$19 First edition mint hardback and jacket
Squeak; John Bowen
Click for larger image Squeak is a story told from the pigeon's point of few. We learn that she is the sensitive child of a patrician mother and father born from the urban slums, only to be orphaned soon after she was born. She witnessed her brother's death and only survived herself by a kind of preternatural determination. Raised by stranger, she was shy awkward, a misfit no matter where she landed, but alas she had a son upon which she lavished all the affection she had been denied only to lose him. A romantic story. A story of gallantry made all the more remarkable because Squeak is a pigeon. Hardback published in 1984, but this copy is near mint with a very good jacket
$16 Near mint hardback with very good jacket.
The Day of the Pigeons; Roy Brown
Click for larger image From the moment Mr. Poirot's pigeons fly reluctantly out of their coop, it is clear that they have been accidentally drugged. Surely they cannot go far, but though often tantalizingly in sight, they manage to evade the anxious children who set out to bring them home. Iin their search they find much more than what they anticipated. Fist edition published in 1968, but still in near mint condition with a very good jacket.
$14 Near mint hardback with very good jacket.
Tiptoes Wins Through; Irene Byers
Click for larger image Timothy's move to a high rise is a disaster for him. There rules against keeping pets, including Tiptoes, his homing pigeon prove troublesome only to be compounded by a gang of boys who seem intend on wrecking his plans for keeping Tiptoes. But as we know Timothy is determined at all costs to keep Tiptoes. First edition 1976. The hardback is very good. There is some foxing and a previous owner's inscription is on the front end papers. The jacket is good but does have a tear and some soiling.
$15 Hardback with jacket
Where Pigeons go to Die; R. Wright Campbell
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

First edition 1978. Near mint hardback for its age, including the jacket. However, the jacket has lightened on the spine where it was exposed to light.

$18 Near mint hardback with excellent jacket. 13oz
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Another copy but the front end papers have been signed by a previous owner, and the jacket has a tear and is a bit solied. Other wise excellent
$ 15
Mr. Potter's Pigeon; Reg Cartwright & Patrick Kinmonth
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

First published in 1976 and subsequently publsihed in 1991 and 1996.
This mint hardback issue of the 1996 edition is richely illustrated by Cartwright delightfully expressing his rather unique style

$13 Mint hardback. 9oz
Ben Finds a Friend; Anne-Marie chapouton & Ulises Wensell
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

Ben really wanted a pet, but many he imagined just did not work out for Ben and his mother in their small flat - until the pigeon on the windowsill became his pet. Near mint for its age, little first edition hard back of the translated story published in 1984.

$7 Excellent hardback. 5oz
Evangeline: Pigeon of Paris; Natalie Savage Carlson
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

This is the first edition hardback version pulished in 1960 and illustrated by Nicolas Mordvinoff. The later paperback edition below was illustrated by Quentin Blake and of course are completely different, eventhough they share a similar style. It was previoulsy enjoyed by the children of the Parkview School District of Taft California and has the usual stamped markilng. The book itself weathered it all well and remains in very good condition.

$10 11oz
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. With this paperback copy published in 1974 the name as well as the illustrater changed. It is now called simply the Pigeon of Paris. This issue was owned by the Drexel School Library, and remain in very good condition considering its age. The paper has started to tan a bit and shows its age much more than the original hardback version printed 14 years earler. It remains the same charming story of Evangeline the pigeon who lives in Paris, and learns her way around..
Flying Free; Dick Cate
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

Although this book is an ex-libary issue, it is in near excellent condition, and would be rated as such if not for the stamps. Flying Free is illustrated by Trevor Stubley and is a fisrt U.S. edition published in1975. It is a story of how a pigeon helps keep a family together as it flies between them.

The Pigeon With Tennis Elbow, Fly; Matt Christopher
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

1975 first edition hardback in excellent condition, although pages are starting to uniformly tan a little. While Tennis is his sport, it is the pigeon that help him with it and those things that prove difficult for young men.

Pigeon, Pigeon; Caron Lee Cohen
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

Near mint hardback with excellent jacket. 1992 first. Of all the things at the zoo, the pigeons are best. A book for us that are just learning to read. Well OK, all of us.

Mr. Wheatfield's Loft; Isabel Langis Cusack
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

1981 1st ed. hardback in near mint condition with a very good jacket. Developing an interest in homing pigeons leads to a significant change in the life of 11 year old Ellis Hampton, who has been mute since he witnessed his father's death. He does not quite fit the pigeon racer's mold. He learns of courage and sacrifice told in a tale filled with both laughter and tears. A story of life.

Fly Cherokee, Fly; Chris d'Lacey
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

Very good paperback inscribed as a Christmas gift in 2000. A story of love and bullies. Of dedication and resolve. Darryl, our co-star in this story yells " You can't kill her. Please you can't do that. As he wins this struggle a more menacing struggle begins. How does he learn to deal with the others that threaten him?

Peggy of Old Annapolis; Hawthorne Daniel
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

1930, 1st Ed. hardback in very good condition. Was inscribed by"To Barbara from Uncle Ean Christmas 1930. Messages can be carried by pigeons that have to overcome natures elements, fear and loss, but return they do. Peggy of Old Annapolis is very glad they do.

Bill and Coo; Mazo De La Roche
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

1958 hardback in very good condition but a bit soiled. Bill and Coo is the tale of two young pigeons that fall in love and make a family. They make friends with many of their feathered friends that all offer friendly advice on what to, how to build a nest, and even where to live. Bill and Coo appreciate the well meant advice, but do learn what is best for a pigeon family.

Walter the Pigeon, Fly; Norma Dixon
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

1998 excellent condition paperback. A great bedtime story of a pigeon that lived well and had a friend in the baker that fed him crumbs everyday. But one day the baker retired and moved away and Walter learned that not all folks are as kind, but a few are, and he learns how to adjust to his new world quite well.

Grandmother's Pigeon; Louise Erdrich, Jim Lamarche (Illustrator)
This beautifully 32 page illustrated picture book tells the story of a magical grandmother and what happens when she goes off for a long vacation, leaving behind a stuffed Passenger Pigeon and a nest with eggs that hatch three of these long-extinct birds.  How the family learns about the birds and what it decides to do with them makes a lovely story.  The illustrations, as one would expect from Jim Lamarche, are top notch.  A great bedtime read.
$15 Publication date 1996:  Hard cover. Mint condition. 15
The Pigeon Prize; Alexandre Dumas Fils
Click to see larger image of book cover

This small hardback printed 1955 is a reprinting from 1853 when this lampoon on life was first published. It is really not about pigeons so much, not even the eating there of. The last line of the book may best describe the story. "Ah, yes. It proves that pigeon is heavy meat, and that fortune has a strange way of helping men clear conscience."

$7 Near mint
Fly High Fly Low; Don Freeman
Click to see larger image of book cover

This first edition hardback published 1957 is an ex school library book but very lightly marked. Otherwise it is in excellent condition. What is very unusual is that the 33 1/3 rpm record is included. This story is set in San Francisco and can be seen from the cover.

Inspector Peckit; Don Freeman
Click to see larger image of book cover

1st 1972 hardback with jacket. It is in very good condition except that one of the front end papers has been removed so can only be classified as a reading copy. The jacket though worn remain in very good condition for its age. The story as can be surmised from the jacket is set in Paris.

Fly Home Colombina; Rosalie Fry
Click to see larger image of book cover

1960 Hardback with jacket from the library of Saint Mary's School but very lightly marked. The story is set in Italy. Very good condition.

Huff; Esta de Fossard
Click to see larger image of book cover 1976 large format paperback. Huff the Grumbling Pigeon who was reluctant to fly but saved the home of the people where he lived from fire. Has been signed by previous owner on the end papers, otherwise very good. Illustrated with the interesting color photographs by Hawarth Bartram
Peter Pigeon; Carl H. Gibke
Click to see larger image of book cover

Nice older little hardback from 1941. While it certainly shows its age, it is still in good condition. Illustrated throughout by Sandra James.

$ 18
Mary Moon is Missing;Particia Reilly Giff
Click to see larger image of book cover

First edition 1998 Mint hardback. While most stories of youth and strife revolve around a boy, not so here. Minnie takes charge in finding and retrieving Mary Moon the prized pigeon.

$ 12 Mint
Grey Cloud; Charlotte Towner Graeber
Click to see larger image of book cover

I understand Tom having started my enchanted with pigeons at a young age. He knew it was a pigeon all right, but not a plain one and he made that connection that gave the pigeon a name, Grey Cloud. Tom could see that the injured bird was different from the pigeons he used to see in the city, but he was surprised to find that bird was a racing pigeon, but  even more so that is belonged to Orville Breen.

Tom got used to the farm boy's quiet ways as he helped Orville nurse Grey Cloud back to health. As Orville begins to trust him, they work together training Snow Arrow, White Feather, and of course Grey Cloud for a big race. Then the kids in school start making fun of Tom for being Orville's friend, and Tom accepts a crazy dare that leads to unexpected tragedy.

A story of friendship and loss. How can he tell Orville what has happened, and worse yet his complicity? A good read for any age. Have a tissue handy.

$ 10 ex library hard back no jacket
$ 13 very good ex library hard back
$ 15 Mint faded jacket
Breezy; Dorothy Grider
Click to see larger image of book cover

A first reader small hardback from 1947. Printed boards. Shows it age and the bottom corner is well worn, as seen in larger scan, otherwise in good condition for its age.

$ 10
The Story of Valentine; Wilma Pitchford Hays
Click to see larger image of book cover Excellent Hardback with Jacket. Would be mint except for its age. It is a story of a Roman boy that received the world's very first valentine message. And of course it was delivered by a pigeon. What else?
$22 Excellent Hardback with Jacket
McGarrity and the Pigeons; John Cecil Holm
Click to see larger image of book cover

Very good hardback with a good jacket. The book itself would be nearly excellent for its age, except that the corners are bumped.. The jacket does show definite signs of wear. as can be seen in the larger scan. This is a fun story about the pigeons. One in particular Peter, of Central Park, is drawn to and talks with Samson. Samson pulls the carriage around central park for McGarrity. This is not a short story at 239 pages, but one that builds the character of each one of its "characters."

$12 Very good hardback with good jacket
Pigeons; Bernice Kohn Hunt
Click to see larger image of book cover

This is a children's' primer on the history of pigeons and how they have adapted to us. Published by Prentice Hall, in 1973. The book Condition is in good conditions as well as the dust jacket for an ex-library edition..

$ 19 Good hardback with jacket.
Cunning cunning and his Merry Comrades; Mary Irving Husted
Click to see larger image of book cover

This book is in excellent condition and would be mint if not for its age. It was printed in 1932 so the pages have started to tan a bit without foxing. A rare find, particularly in this condition. The book has many small drawing and black and white photographs of Cunning as he comes to the window ledge and becomes part of your life.

$32 Excellent hard back, no jacket
Only a Pigeon; Jane Kurtz, Earl B. Lewis (Illustrator), Christopher Kurtz

There is gentleness in the words and light-filled watercolors of this picture book about a poor Ethiopian boy in the city of Addis Ababa who cares for the homing pigeons that are precious to him. Ondu-ahlem owns almost nothing. He shares a mat and blanket with his two younger brothers, walks three miles to his crowded school, and earns money shining shoes in the afternoon; but he tends his pigeon coop with infinite care, guarding against hungry predators, holding the eggs that are almost ready to hatch. There is not much story, but excitement rises when his favorite pigeon is released in a race and makes it home. In one beautiful picture, where Ondu-ahlem feeds a young orphan bird mouth to mouth with moistened grain, Lewis evokes the fragility and sturdiness of bird and child. This contemporary urban scene is a long way from picturesque, exotic Africans in native dress. Kids will be caught by the pet story of pigeon raising as much as by the account of one boy and the place where he lives.

This book is in excellent condition, but is an ex-libary with the usual marking on the plastic cover and stamps on the end papers. The checkout card is glued to the back end paper.

Published 1997:  Excellent hardback and dust jacket, $25 18

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