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How to Raise and Train Pigeons; William Allen
William Allen was another author providing novices with sound pigeon breeding advice. From the Jacket he "... removes the mystery from one of the world's oldest and most fascinating hobbies -that of raising, breeding and training pigeons..." It was comprehensive in nature and had a decent section on the training required for racing homers. An item that was not dealt with well by other more general beginners' guides. There are a few color photographs of different breeds, but not too many.
The expanded 1972 version has many more. If you have other pigeon manuals of the time you may recognize many of the photographs, as Mrs. Louise van der Meid supplied many authors with her excellent photographs. For those currently in the hobby or just attending current shows, it is very informative to see the changes many of the domesticated breeds have undergone.
book's cover. The 1978 edition went for the economy crowd. The text did not really change from the original 1959 issue, but a few pages of ads have been included at the end. It is paperback and gone is the gallery of pigeons breeds which makes the 72 copy so great. All the pictures from the 59 edition are there, but in black and white.
$10 Good paperback  6
Raising Small Livestock: By Jerome Belanger
Raising Small Livestock. Click to enlarge. This book shows you how to avail yourself of the rewards of raising your own animals. As any homesteader will tell you, it is a lot more that the satisfaction of knowing that you're a few steps closer to self-sufficiency when you're playing a vital role in producing and controlling the quality of much of your own food. Besides the fact that the flavor of your home-grown chicken, lamb and pigeon beats anything the supermarket has to offer and your eggs are fresher than any you can buy in a carton, the food you produce on your homestead can cost you a lot less, too, in the long run, and you know there were no unnatural additives. But aside from the edible rewards, there's the sheer joy and relaxation that comes from having animals to care for. Most people who raise small livestock do it part-time, as a hobby that provides a welcome change from their 9-to-5 job and brings them a little closer to the rhythms and cycles of nature.
$12 Mint hardback with mint dust jacket.19
Pigeons: saga of the world's most revered and reviled bird; Andrew Blechman
book's cover. They have been worshipped as fertility goddesses and revered as symbols of peace. Domesticated since the dawn of man, they have been crucial to wartime communications for every major historical superpower from ancient Egypt to the United States and are credited with saving thousands of lives. One delivered the results of the first Olympics in 776 B.C. and another brought the news of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo more than 2,500 years later. Charles Darwin relied heavily upon them to help formulate and support his theory of evolution. Yet the pigeon is reviled today as a rat with wings. How did we come to misunderstand one of mankind's most steadfast companions?
In Pigeons, Andrew D. Blechman travels across the United States and Europe in a quest to chronicle the bird's transformation from beloved friend to feathered outlaw. From Brooklyn's Main Event, the pigeon world's equivalent of the Kentucky Derby, to the eighty-third Grand National, with its thousands of bizarre and beautiful show pigeons, and from a pigeon shoot where people pay to gun down live birds, to the nations oldest and biggest squab farm, Blechman takes the reader deep into the weird and wonderful world of pigeon fanaticism. He meets with pigeon fanciers and pigeon haters alike, including the Queen of England's Royal Loft Manager and members of the radical "pro-pigeon underground"; chases Mike Tyson, America's most famous pigeon lover; and for the first time tells the remarkable story behind this seemingly unremarkable bird. You'll never look at a pigeon the same way again. Published 2006 @ $24
$21 Mint hard back and jacket. 18
$18 Excellent hard back copy and jacket. 18
$27 This is a unique copy of Blechman's book being an uncorrected proof. Naturally, being a proof copy it is a paperback, but in excellent condition. One wonders if the recipient ever actually proofed it.
A very British Coop: Mark Collings
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. Great new book following the sport in the UK. Fun read following Mark as he learns about the sport and the characters in it.
$15 Mint hardback with mint jacket.
$12 New hardback but with slight stain on some page edges.
The Silent Sky; Allan W. Eckert
Book cover, click for larger image in new window.

1965 1st edition hardback in excellent condition with good jacket. This is the story of the Passenger Pigeon. A native of North America than that just over 200 years ago numbered into the billions. By 1919 it was all over. It would be unbelievable if it was not true, that man can and did annihilate a species so well adapted to its environment. A moving and thoughtful story in its own right told wonderfully by Allan Eckert.

Pigeons for Pleasure and Profit; Charles Foy
book's cover.
$8 Not dated. Paperback. Mint. 7oz
book's cover.
$9 1977 paperback. Mint 7oz
book's cover.
$9 1985 paperback Mint. 7oz
Pigeons (Responsible Pet Care): Carlienne Frisch
book's cover. An introductory hard back book with glossy boards that is very difficult to find.  It covers all the basics in a basic way, and even though it has only 31 pages comes complete with glossary and index. There are certainly better novice manuals.  This piece is more for the collector of pigeon books.
$35 Publication date 1991, Mint but it is 16 years old so excellent may be a more proper description. 10
Birds of man's world; Derek Goodwin
Click for larger image Derek Goodwin is a well known author of birds in general and has written other works specifically on pigeons as well. Pigeons, the park variety, plan an integral part in the book, and may well be the way most of us are introduced to our fine feathered friends. - they live with us. Although this book was published in 1978 as a first edition, it as well as the jacket is in nearly mint condition.
$10 19oz
Extraordinary Pigeons; Stephen Green-Armytage author and photographer:
book's cover.

The author and photographer Stephen Green-Armytage opened a glorious window into the world of exotic pigeons with extraordinary coffee table picture book of some of the most beautiful pigeons existing today. Nearly every page has a beautiful photograph of one or more breeds of pigeons. His photographic exploration is absolutely the best for the genre. The striking images he presents shows the world astonishing, eccentric and many surprising features of these amazing creatures. Pigeons of all sizes, shapes, and colors parade through these pages-from the Volga Tumbler Pigeons to the Philippine Bleeding Heart Doves (doves are actually pigeons, just small ones), from the flamboyant Jacobins who wear their lavish feathers like a boa, and the Pouters who puff out their chests to absurd proportions, to the Trumpeters who sport floppy crowns reminiscent of the hairdos of 1960s.

The astonishing color photographs, complemented with concise informative text, make this a perfect gift for anyone with even the slightest interest in birds, and photography buffs alike. The hardcover book is a little larger than 9 by 10 inches and is 112 pages in length.

picture of cropper
picture of cropper
$20 Mint hardback with mint jacket. 2#
$14 Excellent hardback with good jacket.
The Pigeon in History; Jean Hansell
Book cover, click for larger image in new window. This is the best book written about the pigeon's place in our history. Well told by artistic writers that know their craft and the topic extremely well. The pigeon has been mans companion and well esteemed through the ages. Our more recent view is rather an aberration as you will well learn from this fun book.
$95 mint 28 oz
Pigeons Everywhere; Lilo Hess
Click for larger image

Lilo Hess quite obviously has written this introductory piece for the young among us who have noticed the pigeons all around them and could not help but be attracted to them. It is written for the grade school level and is just chock full of pictures as it explains not only the ferals who cohabitate this planets' places with us, but also the many domesticated varieties that have been shaped with mans involvement. It is not so much as how to raise pigeons as it is to explain their association with us. A great beginner’s book for understanding the diversity of pigeons. This book in nearly excellent. There was something tapped, and now removed, on the front endpaper at one time. Perhaps it was a previous owner's card.

$12 A near excellent hardback copy 63pp. 15
$9 Another copy being ex-library but still in good condition.
Lofts for Racing Pigeons: Chas Heitzman
book's cover. There is not date on this 39 page paperback, but my guess would be in the 80's. It is in mint condition. The book is complete with many photographs and drawings of many lofts from large grandous to small and efficient designs. In addition to the lofts he also provides information on hand loft equipment. Written by America's most famous racing pigeon enthusiast, but the designs are good for any of the pigeon breeds.
$9 mint 3oz
Pigeon Guide; Claude Hill
book's cover. This book by a English author, Claude Hill was printed in the Netherlands and is a mini Levi type book covering all facets of the pigeon hobby, from its history, to hands on information about loft management, acquiring quality birds, genetics, mating fundamentals, diseases, feeds, and important aspect of training and preparation. There is also a "pigeon Portfolio" providing color photographs and breeds information of over 50 of the most popular breeds. During the second world war, Claude commanded the Indian Pigeon Service and remained active in the hobby involved with all aspects of the sport.
$10  Reading quality hardback 250pp. 17
Superdove; Courtney Humphries
Book cover, click for larger image This mint new hardback with interesting jacket, as shown, is the latest of series of books detailing the lure and wonder of pigeons for and with mankind. It certainly is not the first book where the writer became captured by the subject. Well almost. At the end, it is clear she is still not a pigeon lover. She doesn't blink at the idea that a town with 7,000 pigeons is somehow better than a town with 20,000. Even takes no homage with the notion that social services should contact the "misguided" folks who feed them even when such a Nazi type propaganda program led to citizens violently accosting folks for simply feeding pigeons. To me, social services would be better used visiting the attackers and backers of the propaganda machine rather than the attacked. She cites Feral Pigeons; Richard F. Johnston, Marian Janiga a fair amount, which also deals with many of the same subjects and issues, but is much more thorough albeit with an academic bent. What I found most interesting about that is that she doesn't even mention a current competing work Pigeons: saga of the world's most revered and reviled bird, by:Andrew Blechman at all, which for my money is a far better book. In the end, Superdove is worth the read, but I would start with the others and afterwards end up with The Pigeon Lover, by George Abbe and Wringer, a newberry honor book by the newberry medal winning author, Jerry Spinelli
$14 Mint hardback with mint jacket. 14

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