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  The Pigeoncote cares for lost and injured pigeon, and is a non culling pigeon refuge, located in Olympia, WA USA. We have been in continuous service since 1993.  


We have set a very low price for shipping within the US of only $2 per item up to1 pound using media mail. Faster shipping is available. Naturally, at an increased rate. All other countries shipping is by weight set in one pound increments, and the shopping cart automatically calculates total weight of all items. Considerable shipping savings may be possible with combined orders. When actual shipping charges are less than calculated, the difference will be refunded automatically at shipping..

The Fine Print

  • Mint:  Means the book is in as new condition.
  • Excellent: Means a book in near brand new condition, considering its age.
  • Very good: Means a book that while not appearing brand new is still in very good condition.  It may have the previous owners name on the fly or jacket.  Something I rather like, but is not for everyone.
  • Good: Is a book of used library quality.  All there but obviously has been previously loved
  • Reading quality: Is a book that is all there, but pages may be damaged or the contents shaken.

Since this is not a business and is provided as a service only, we do not take personal checks or any type of credit cards except through PayPall.  Besides PayPall, only cashiers checks, or cash at sender's risk, can be accepted with additional conditions. For multiple items, being mailed abroad, shipping charges are often reduced from the single item estimate because the post charges by weight and size.  Just let us know which items you would like and we will email you back with the adjusted price quote. If you are using the PayPall shopping cart, it automatically adjusts shipping charges, but it is rather poor at it for overseas mail. If postage charges end up being lower, the difference will be refunded via PayPal.

Remember, many of these books are one of a kind, and since it may take a few days for a check to arrive, a book may no longer be available even though it is listed on the site.  If a book is sold prior to payment arrival, a full refund will be made. If you wish to be absolutely sure that an item is available prior to purchase, have a book sent other than book rate, or paying by cashier's check or cash please check with the Pigeon Cote administrator to confirm availability and make payment /shipping arrangements.

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