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Cyclopedia of Natural History: Charles C. Abbott M.D.
Abbott abbott cover small Cyclopedia of Natural History: Pigeons A nice encyclopedia of animals aimed at children. Nearly one third of the book is devoted to birds of all types, and naturally a section pertaining to pigeons. The author has adopted Darwin's theory or evolution and reversion to wild type event though that was more controversial back in 1888 when this book was published than now. There are over 500 drawings sprinkled throughout, making it much more interesting. There is a small section on the Passenger pigeon, still around but threatened at the time, and also a mention of the Dodo which had already ceased to exist.
$30 1888 previous owner's pigeon stamp on front papers, very good overall. 17
The Black Pigeon; Anne Austin
Click for larger image The Black Pigeon is a bit of a murder mystery rather than a pigeon story. It was first published in 1929. It must have been popular in that day because this is the third printing done on October, 1929. The first and second printing were both in March of that year. As one might expect from a book that is over 80 years old, there is certainly a bit of wear, staining and some foxing. There is a Christmas gift inscription from Neal to Elizabeth.
$14 hardback no jacket
Chico; Lucy M. Blanchard
Click for larger image Chico is the story of a homing pigeon was originally published in 1922. To be more exact an Italian homing pigeon that becomes a hero for its town and country. Dedicated to all who love Venice
$24 Mint hardback reprint with mint jacket. Ribbon page marker bound in. Published in 2009.
Click for larger image This original hardback published in 1922 has a very good interior for its age, but the covers are soiled and worn.
Jack's Carrier Pigeons Hezekiah Butterworth
Jack's Carrier Pigeons cover. Click for larger image Jack's Carrier Pigeons is placed in both this section because it most certainly is a fiction children's' work, but it was first published in 1900, so a this listing has been placed there as well. The book is a series of tales that uses pigeons as a metaphor to start the initial tales. The short stories are not connected in a literal way and are more akin to the stories of the Arabian nights in that way, but are very connected in the overall theme of each story - making us better persons. There may not be a thousand stories in the 289 pages, but there are certainly many. The injured pigeon used throughout the book does in the end, end, but even here lays a moral for us all.
$30 1st 1900 edition in very good condition hardback for its age, but the pages and boards have tanned and faded. No jacket.
The Carrier Pigeon; Mrs. Colman
Click for larger image A mid-nineteenth century collection of children's tales "illustrating the rewards of virtue and the punishment of vice". They were published in several cities over the period of a few years. This hardback copy consisting of 64 pages is about the faithful carrier pigeon. We actually have two copies. The best condition of the two is from 1854 published in Boston. It is in very good condition for its age. The other is much heavier foxed but still in good condition considering it is over 160 years old being published in Cincinnati in 1849.
$65 1854 Boston 4oz
$48 1849 Cincinnati 4oz
Pets: Their History and Care: Lee S. Crandall
Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image While this is titled Pets, actually covers a lot more animals than what we would normally consider pets, and the domestic pigeon section is quite good for a book covering so many species. The section on domestic pigeons provides basic information care, breeding and some of the current information on color genetics. Information is provided on many of the more popular breeds at the time including homers, Antwerps, Dragoon, Carriers, Barbs, Owls, Turbits and more. It also has a couple of nice pages of black and white photographs of a few breed printed on very nice paper. The condition is very good overall, as the larger scans demonstrate, but it does have the usual library markings on the front end pages and spine.
$35 Hardback 1917 1st good condition with the exception of the library markings as noted above. 27 oz
Pigeons and Rabbits: E. S. Delamer
Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image First published in 1854 and used by Darwin in his work.  It covers both rabbits and pigeons in their wild, domestic and captive states. This is a later edition with illustrations, but there is no definitive publication date that I can find.  A lot of the known breeds are described in text as well as drawing as shown in the scans.  It is a small book of 152 pages, plus a few more for advertisements.  Even the back cover is used to peddle other issues by the publisher, George Routlidge & Sons.
$14 Delamar electronic copy on CD in MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.
$6 Download as PDF file.
A to Z of Pigeons: J. W. Dietz
Deitz reprint cover. Click for larger image

Dietz work may be the initial introduction into standards for judging. While the main title would indicate a more general work, the subtitle, with Latest Standards, is what sets this early work out from the rest. There are many breeds described, supplemented photographs or drawings, with rather detailed information as to just how the breeds are supposed to look. There is also a short section with suggestions for judging. The work is 145 pages, including a nice glossary of pigeon terms.

This is an undated reprint that appears to have been of the same period or very nearly so.  Perhaps, just a less expensive copy.  The front cover is creased, as the enlarged scan shows, and the back cover has been signed by a previous owner.  The pages are all very nice with very little discoloration, and are actually somewhat brighter than the fancier bound version above.

$175, Dietz undated. 5
The Dovecote and the Aviary: E. S. Dixon
Click for larger image

This title has been rebound at some time in the distant past, which undoubtedly has assisted the good state of preservation for a book from 1851. The title was written during interesting times is the field zoology in general and heredity in specific. It is of interest to note that so many pigeon breeders were in the forefront of the field. We learn from the book's preamble that" The writer is fully aware that it is not easy for him to answer and explain several of the objections that my be urged against the theoretical views he has ventured to state; but he is also both extensively read and practically experienced in the still greater difficulties and inconsistencies of the progressive hypotheses of domesticated creatures." And Dixon dedicates his work to the Earl of Derby President of the Zoological Society of London at the time.

$295 There is some foxing but overall this copy is in very good condition. 5x7, 485pp + ads. 18
Schmids Tales; The Carrier Pigeon; Edward Dunigan
Click for larger image Evidently, the Carrier Pigeon was a popular title for children's books published in the mid 19th century. This tale by Edward Dunigan was published by the Catholic Publishing House in New York in 1849. The book is not in very good condition with the usual fox markings, but also there are moisture stains. Where it stand out is that it is very rare, and very old.
The White Pigeon ...; Maria Edgeworth
Click for larger image

Published by Allman and Son in 1857 and is noted as a new edition for the juvenile library series This little hard back is in very good condition for its age and while tanned has little to no foxing. There are illustrations but no indication of the artist. There is a gift inscription on the front end papers dated 1859. All the pages edges gilt. There is some expected wear on the covers as can be seen in the scan

$54 4oz
American Squab Culture: E. H. Eggleston
Eggleston Cover.  Click for larger image Eggleston's book, American Squab Culture, is devoted to the profitable raising of squabs for marked. There were several ventures and authors near the beginning of last century that had a go at making squab production a business enterprise. His book covers all the basics, including health, feeding and housing, but focusing on making the activity profitable rather than a hobby. To that end there are chapters on book keeping, squab market preparation, selection of breeding stock, and preferred breeds. His first edition was published in 1916 and this revised issue was published in 1921. The outer edges of the paper have started to tan from age, but it remains a very good copy indeed. With the eating close to home movement now underway, perhaps there will be a revival of squab production, if for nothing else than one's own culinary enjoyment.
$20 Very good hardback no jacket. 16
$30 Excellent hardback no jacket. 16
Kaspar & The Seven Wonderful Pigeons; Julia Goddard and illustrated by Kate Greenaway
Click for larger image Published by Marcus Ward & Co., London & Belfast & New York, around 1885. This is noted as the new edition and there is a gift inscription on the front end paper dated 1894. Very nice red illustrated hardback boards as shown in the scan, and very little foxing and in very good condition overall.
$98 12oz
The Modena Pigeon; W. F. Holmes
Click for larger image Click for larger imge While several decent authors and Modena fanciers have contributed to body of Modena knowledge, W. F. Holmes is clearly the great fore runner for the English language. He can't take us on to the current state since this book was written back in 1921, but he certainly can and does provide a wealth of first hand knowledge and from his perspective some recent history of the Modenas in the previous century. With this book of Holmes' and more recent works one can accurately draw the development of this breed from the early to mid 1800s till now.
Something nearly impossible to do for many breeds. While the book has several drawings, it also sports actual photographs of the birds of the day, providing a very accurate representation of the birds of his period.
The book was printed as a paperback and time has taken its toll on these relatively rare issues. The publisher pasted in the colored print from the Feathered World, December 1913. It is in good shape, but was folded to meet the size of the book, much as a map. A must have for any pigeon historian and Modena breeders.
$82 good paper back with foxing. Not ex-library nor marked but has not aged very well. 1#
$12 Copy on CD in MS Word or Adobe PDF format.
$5 Down load as a PDF file.

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