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The NPA Grand National:Lancaster 1997

The Komorner Tumbler: Lancaster Grant National Pigeon Show:

This Komorner Tumbler is another breed originating in Germany. It comes in this marked pattern called magpie, as well as in "solid" colors, called selfs. The Komorners bred in the States have a differently shaped head and a longer beak than their European counterparts. Just follow the to learn more about this birds interesting history.

Fuido Madrusan bred this magpied marked, read old hen, number 4655.

The Show:

The Komorner is another fancy breed where looks is everything. A calm and tame demeanor is, of course expected. In some breeds, such as the Thief Pouter, Parler Roller, and a few others, it is more the behaviour than the looks of the pigeons that counts.

The Standard