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The NPA Grand National:Lancaster 1997

The National Pigeon Association:

The National Pigeon Association (NPA) is the largest national organization in the United States promoting the show pigeon hobby/sport. One of the focuses of the NPA is to put on a national show every year. Cities hosting the show are selected many years in advance, much like the Olympics. This Lancaster show, although held in January of 1997, is actually the 1996 show. It is hard to show your breeding success for the year much earlier than the first month of the next year. The National show for 1997, held in 1998, was in San Bernardino, and the show for this year, 1998, will be held in January of 1999 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you would like to learn more about the NPA, just click that monster button on the left.

All of the pictures you see in this slide show were taken by Derrell Fowler of Tecumseh, OK., and as you will see does excellent work. He is the official photographer for the NPA. Many thanks, Derrell.