HOOD & TOP (20 pts.): Long, coming well forward, thick and even at the edge, fitting almost close to the head as possible, forming the hood's portion of the top feather.
MANE (15 pts.): Long and smooth, thick from side to side. Starting at a point which will make the lower part distinctly the shortest, then rising solidly and curving out as it rises in an unbroken sweep as high above the head as possible, forming the mane's share of the top feather and blending into the hood, the top of the mane behind the hood showing a marked backward extension and fullness of outline.
CHAIN (20 pts.): Long, smooth, balancing the mane. High and toppy, with pronounced forward extension in front of the hood, matching the outline of upper mane and forming the chain's contribution to the top feather. Curving downward, the two sides meet in perfect alignment, the lower part tapering in and balancing the whipped-in effect of lower mane. Even at the bottom, not too far down the breast, but far enough to leave a finished effect.
BODY (5 pts.): Strictly slender, stressing slimness at the shoulders. Long and shapely, tapering gradually to the tail, with slightly hollowed back. Neck of good length. Flights long and carried above the tail. Legs of medium length.
CARRIAGE (15 pts.): Very upright and showy. The bird should be an ever-ready shower and stretcher, thus showing the feather formation to its fullest advantage.
COLOR (15 pts.): Rich, sound and lustrous, even throughout, with the luster especially brilliant on the hood, mane, and chain.
COLOR CLASSES: Black - Intense, glistening black, showing a green metallic luster free from purple. Not showing any trace of red or fading in or under feathers. Red - Gleaming ruby red, with a rich copper sheen free from green. Yellow - Rich golden yellow with a pink luster free from green. White - To possess a satin-like, silvery appearance. Blue - Bright, clear and rich, with broad, well defined black bars and green metallic luster. Silver - Very light, and silvery, with broad well defined bars as black as possible, green metallic luster. Splash - Half white, half color, in an evenly distributed pattern, conforming to the appropriate color requirements above. All mixed or unlisted colors to be shown as A.O.C.
MARKINGS (7 pts.): The head white, from a line just below the eye. Beak, white or flesh color in all colors. Rose, white in reds and yellows and to be clearly defined and consistent with the profile in outline. Rump and tail, white. As near 10 X 10 white flights as possible. Allowing for exceptions such as whites, bars on blues and silvers, etc., the remainder is to be one solid color, including all plumage on the thighs and on the under parts of the body.
EYE: Eyes to be pearl or white, with small pupils. A single bull eye to be penalized one (1) point.

The Jacobin: NPA Standard 1993: