Owl & Frill breeds are rather distinct families that are distinguished by their character as well as their shape and ornamentation.

Old German Owl

The Old German Owl is a very rare breed in the States. As you can see from the icons to the side, the breed does have a specialty club and a working standard of perfections.  Its manner is very friendly and is very easy to breed, bringing up its own young very well. Old German Owl Club

Chinese Owl

Chinese Owls are another very popular variety found in many colors and patterns all around the world. Chinese Owl Standard

The Valencian Figurita as one might expect comes from Valencia, Spain,  It is a very old breed and tiny, petite, jaunty, and lively frill necked pigeon. Its forehead is angular, the top skull is flat, and the back skull is angular. It only weighs 4 to 6 ounces.  This Dutch site has information about this lovely bird in several languages.

African Owl

The African Owls    

English Owl

The English Owls    


The Smerle    


Turbit     Chinese Owl Standard

 French Frills      

Oriental Frill

Oriental Frills Chinese Owl Standard