There are several fascinating breeds from India that are now popular all over the world. Here we list but a few.


The Lahore Pigeon is known for its distinctive markings, beautiful colors, and gentle nature. It is primarily kept as an exhibition bird or for ornamental purposes in dovecotes Lahore Standard
UKLahore Club in the UK  

Indian Fantail

The "original" Indian fantail, although much older in origin, is actually a fairly new import into the States. It has been reported that the breed was first introduced into the country via a crate of snakes bound for the San Diego Zoo.


The Mookee originating in India is a perfect show bird with many show qualities. The Mookee is small in size, attractive has a jaunty form, and beautiful head markings. The Mookee is radically different than most pigeon breeds. And the Mookee comes in a wide varity of colors.