America, although new to the pigeon game, can boast several unique breeds that were developed over the past 100 years.  Learn more about these fascinating birds and the art of animal husbandry.

The King is another US creation, but this bird was developed around the turn of the Century. It started on the east coast as an all white squabing variety and was quickly followed by other color varieties from all over the country.

King Club in the UK King Standard
The Seraphim is indeed the most recent serendipitous creation, and its creator,rather than being long gone, still roams among us.  This breed is one of the latest creations developed in the United States.
  Seraphim Standard
Texan Pioneer The Texan Pioneer, another truly American breed, was created by Del James during the late fifties and early sixties. It is a large breed, similar in size to the French Mondain, which was used in its creation, and the American Giant Homer.   Link to another site featuring the Texan Pioneer Texan Pioneer Standard
Giant Homer One of just a few truly "American" breeds, the American Giant Homer was first recognized as a distinct breed by the NPA (National Pigeon Association) at the 1928 Grand National Show. The breed is the result of an attempt by early breeders of squabbing homers to improve their breed both commercially and aesthetically. Link to another site featuring the Giant Homer Giant Homer Standard