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stationary flying pigeons

Pigeon cote at Cothele


    I heard a stock-dove sing or say
    His homely tale, this very day;
    His voice was buried among trees,
    Yet to be come at by the breeze;
    He did not cease, but cooed and cooed,
    and somewhat pensively he wooed:
    Slow to begin and never ending;
    Of serious faith and inward glee,
    That was the song, the song for me.


" . . . we coursed about
The subject most at heart, more near and near,
Like doves around a dove cote, wheeling round
The central wish, until we settled there."

The Two Pigeons: Unknown

There come two pigeons round the coo,
Round to coo, round the coo,
There come two pigeons round to coo,
Goodbye, goodbye we all love you.

The Dove's Song: Unknown 

Coo-pe-coo, coo-pe-coo,
Me and my poor two;
Two sticks across and a little bit of moss,
And it will do, do, do.

The Dove Says Coo: Unknown

The dove says coo, what shall I do? 
I can scarce maintain two. 
Pooh, pooh, says the wren, I have got ten 
And keep them all like gentlemen!